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Style Guides

A brand style guide is a holistic set of standards that defines your company’s branding. It references grammar, tone, logo usage, colors, visuals, word usage, point of view, and more.


Brand Creation

The definition of brand building is to generate awareness about your business using marketing strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of creating exciting visual content for problem solving and communication purposes. It's a vast domain that includes typography, color, imagery, and so on.

Strategy Planning

Strategy plays an important, if not critical role in the success and outcome of goals and plans. This is true of business, life, career, and it’s foundational training for the military. Design strategy is the term used to describe the nexus between corporate strategy and design thinking. Corporate strategy is the traditional method that businesses and other similar entities use to identify, plan, and achieve their long term objectives and goals. Design Thinking is a methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems by engaging the end-users.


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In recent years, with the diffusion of the network, the publication of books has also changed: many novice writers decide to publish their book on the internet, more precisely in the form of an eBook. It expands then the independent production, which may also include the creation of their own cover. This article is dedicated to all writers who do......

Today we bring to you 6 super-easy steps to doubling and even tripling your conversion rate. These tips are brought by kratom crazy red hulu kapuas, an online kratom store. The company started as a small business a couple of years ago. But, with careful analysis, planning, and by implementing the right techniques, it was able to skyrocket their conversion......

Marketing is about reaching out to customers and meeting their expectations. This can be done in many ways. Business brochure printing is a good and widely used marketing strategy. Brochures can be handed over personally to customers, distributed through mail or through brochure racks at hotels, malls and tourist places. People expect to receive some form of written marketing material, a......

Strategy Planning

Strategic planning involves gathering data and deciding on a path that the business or project will take to achieve its goals. Strategic thinking involves everyone at all levels of the organization/design team consistently finding and contributing to activities that add to the organization’s success.

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Why classical art always look better?

Classical art’s main characteristics make it popular and improve its look. Those basic aspects by which it is easy to recognize and distinguishes itself from other artistic movements. Influenced in its inception and development by the art of the Doric, Mycenaean and Eastern civilizations, the masters and schools of Classical art bring their innovations, creating the canon of beauty and harmony representative of classical art in force West.

Characteristics of classical art

In their quest to understand nature, the ideas of great ancient Classical philosophers are of great importance in determining what the function of art should be.

Aristotelian mimesis. According to Aristotle, the essential purpose of art must be the imitation of nature. Therefore Classical art focuses on the study and representation of the surrounding nature.

Platonic ideal. However, this representation of nature is not a naturalistic and reliable copy, but an idyllic aesthetic aspires to represent the ideal beauty and perfection proposed by Plato.

Rational thought. To achieve the beauty and idyllic perfection of the world of ideas, one turns to the rational analysis of nature. The use of proportion and the balance of the elements for which the time’s mathematical knowledge is used is key.

Anthropocentrism. Speaking of measures and proportions, a humanist conception of the world places man at its center and proposes it as the ideal measure. The study of the human body favors developing a detailed study of its anatomy is widely represented.

Classical mythology. Religion in Ancient Greece motivates the creation of art and crafts to worship their gods (anthropomorphic and humanized). Their mythology is one of the main themes of art and the representation of athletes and battles.

Technical improvement. The desire for perfection motivates artistic improvement by making Classical art evolve from its hieratic geometric stereotypes to the technical domain that will eventually allow the representation of movement or the delight of dramatic emotions.

The stylistic revolution that Classical art brought about is usually studied divided into several stages well differentiated by their particular characteristics. However, only the main general characteristics are mentioned in this article.

What is Classicism in art?

The artistic and literary style that is characterized by a return to the aesthetic standards of Greco-Roman antiquity is called Classicism. Balance and sobriety, harmonize with the spirit of freedom that combines the humanist tendency, the basis of his conception of the spirit of man.

Classicism in various arts

As we have already expressed, classicism included literature, music, and the so-called major arts. We will take a tour of the various artistic manifestations and their representatives.

However, we will emphasize that some sources place the works of classicism in the so-called neoclassical movement, as it is analogous to the latter.

Classicism architecture

Many works are located between those of the early renaissance, completely classical, framed in the following of the canon of ancient Greece. Buildings that tend towards technical perfection, with a strict balance between harmony and perfection.

The classical influence of ancient Greece is remarkable, with a predominance of the Corinthian order. Use of entablatures and pediments, as well as the use of the semicircular arch. The use of barrel vaults or edges, as well as the dome; in frank imitation of the Renaissance.

Main Architects

Although it is difficult to separate classicism from neoclassicism, when we talk about architecture, we can highlight authors who dedicated themselves to highlighting the classicist style. William Wilkins (1778 – 1839) English architect with a passion for classical art. A sample of his work is The Grange at Northington. English mansion of remarkable beauty and elegance built in the 19th century.

Classicism Sculpture

In sculpture, the classicist impact was less than in the other arts, because it was never totally detached from the classical ideal. It is inspired by the works of the Renaissance, but it is not very verbose, it is really taken up in the Neoclassical.

Inspired by classical Greco-Roman fullness. Defines the ideals of perfection and beauty adjustable to the human figure. The perfect man is your aesthetic preference. Works with few expressions at first, but which were expanded, by showing naivety, violence, and other sentiments in the neoclassical.

The works draw on Greek history, literature, and mythology, becoming the main muse of inspiration for artists. They used resistant and beautiful materials, white marble and bronze, among the favorites.

Main Sculptors of Classicism

Simon Guillain (1518 – 1658) was a French sculptor trained in Rome, Italy. Follower of classicism, he sculpted various funerary monuments. As a founding member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. He was later appointed its academic rector in 1657. He is considered a precursor of French classicism. His works include the Tomb of Carlotte-Catherine de la Tremoille, wife of Count Henry I of Bourbon.

Classicism painting

The pictorial current of Classicism emerged as a contrast to the Baroque style and Mannerism. In the beginning, he ran into a serious setback, the little existence of old paintings as a reference to follow. This is the reason for the predominance of drawing, inspired by sculpture and little interest in the reflection of light.

Space is built on successive planes. Prevalence of drawing over color. Closed works, always at the center of the composition. The theme focuses on mythology, history, and the human figure. Some painters highlighted the landscape, presented with balance and serenity, giving it an aspect of admirable beauty. The creators of classical art stood out for their creative genius and the prolific nature of their work. There are several painters who take the merit of being immortal like their work.

Modern art Facts for Kids

Modern art is known for its avant-garde aesthetics and celebrated by its artists ahead of their time. Developed over approximately 100 years, this stream incorporates many important art movements and inevitably includes an eclectic range of styles. To delineate the peculiar evolution of modern art, we must recognize and understand the many genres that make it up. However, to achieve this, the most useful thing will be to establish some modern art facts for kids.

How painting can make you happier

Have you ever taken a moment to rejuvenate yourself, to explore what is around and inside you, or just take time to look at the things around you or even observe the movement of your emotions?

When you have gone through personal development work, then painting can provide you with an effective tool to fully develop yourself, and these moments of creative leisure could help you find inner peace and personal fulfillment.

We are in a time where everything moves very quickly, we are often put to the test, time flies very quickly, and in today’s life. You can be constantly called upon by a whole lot of distraction, you have to be here and there at the same time. And if you are overwhelmed by all these external elements, you can very quickly fall into burnout. This is when you will feel drained …

This is what I paint for. I paint, not to cut myself off from the world, but to find myself in the painting, and to be more aligned with who I am.

And I think the most important thing is to find this passion for doing things in an activity that can give me back this source of energy and refocus me towards this creative power.

Give meaning to your life

An artistic activity like painting can both develop your imagination and cultivate your ability to be centered on one thing.

The process of developing a canvas leads to the development of technical skills, and to self-realization.

  • Painting is both a tool of expression and a way to make connections with yourself and with others.

By practicing painting regularly, you will become aware of the movement of your thoughts and the creative activity will bring calm to your mind, because you will be devoting yourself to an activity that gives you satisfaction.

  • Take a moment of relaxation to devote yourself to creation. Whatever your level, it doesn’t matter.

If you are a beginner, start with simple things. And you can progress however you want, without necessarily competing against others.

Before painting, it is important to put yourself in optimal conditions and this goes through three small, simple steps.

1 – Choose a calm and comfortable environment

The most important thing is to be in a quiet place and if possible very well lit. The practice of painting is also an experience on yourself and what you are doing reflects very exactly your state of mind at the time you are there.

I advise you to put on music that inspires you the most and you can soak up the melody in order to give rhythm to your pictorial composition or put yourself in a dynamic atmosphere.

2 – Do some research on yourself, and observe what is around you

Observation time is important, I advise you to look at books with beautiful illustrations to find inspiring images as much as possible, you can just as easily leaf through artist books or travel magazines.

The important thing is to look for an image that will be able to arouse your curiosity and a desire to paint, it is often from this type of image that you will find your source of inspiration more easily.

3 – Before painting, do some exercises to warm-up

Painting one to two hours a day will allow you to let go and leave aside all your daily worries. It is time devoted only to you.

In order to fully focus your attention on the canvas, it is important to warm up.

At the start of the session (the first quarter of an hour), you will take a sheet or other medium to freely test each color and start painting, bring a few brushes, paint, and pencils, then start to draw what comes to your mind, if you are not comfortable you might as well experiment with color, this little daily exercise will allow you to explore your style and tastes.

Why practice painting at least one hour a day?

By painting every day, you will train regularly to progress step by step. During each session, you will be able to see your progress and take a liking to this daily moment that you devote to painting. The practice of this art will allow you to open up more easily to the world around you.

That’s how I started, exactly 17 years ago, painting at my own pace, and by dint of perseverance and passion, I made immense progress in drawing, in painting, but also in my personal journey.

For a long time, I needed this creative activity to flourish and be happier. Because I felt fully existing when I had a pencil in my hand and brushes.

The practice of painting carries in itself its own reward

As you practice daily art, you’re going to make progress, you’re going to want to accomplish even more. This is why it is a source of fulfillment and satisfaction.

The more you create and the more progress you will make, and the happier you will be with the results obtained, the more you will continue. As I enter this virtuous circle, I am convinced that the practice of painting can bring you many positive things in your life.

With practice and a burning desire to create something beautiful you are going to be able to be happy with your results, it can significantly increase your self-esteem and give you a lot more enthusiasm, having motivation. always greater in creating and always advancing further in the exploration of your talents.

Not everyone is good at everything, however, you are bound to be excellent at a particular creative field …

Some people will be more comfortable with drawing, others with color, and still others with sculpting and modeling.

What is Joker Tattoo?

Joker, is Batman’s enemy par excellence, a criminal, one of the most dangerous in Gotham City. A weird character, a professional killer with a total lack of control. And sanity who enjoys killing innocent people for the fun of it. In the cinema, he was represented by great actors: from Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger, who played in the film The Dark Knight. Who died prematurely and became a legend. The figure of the Joker has had a very wide diffusion and always growing in recent years, in Tattoo Art, due to various factors of different natures.

A Kratom Brand’s Guide to Improving Conversion Rate

Today we bring to you 6 super-easy steps to doubling and even tripling your conversion rate. These tips are brought by kratom crazy red hulu kapuas, an online kratom store. The company started as a small business a couple of years ago.

But, with careful analysis, planning, and by implementing the right techniques, it was able to skyrocket their conversion rates and finally sales.

This post is basically an insight into the company’s campaigning and how they were able to increase conversion so you can put some of those tips to use.

Here they are –

  1. Remove Distractions

One of the worst things a website can do to the visitors is – have too many directions to go in or things to focus on. This is the easiest way to drive visitors away. Ensure that your landing page is easy to navigate, clear, and intuitive. It should lead to effortless browsing through pages. If you can do without something, skip it.

Only have information that your customers/users need to know or is essential for the business. Everything else, you can do without.

Include the following template if you’re unsure –

  • Product Info
  • Benefits and features
  • Headline and Subheadings
  • Visuals with context to show what you’re offering

Other things like a live chat box, videos, and social proof are something to think about.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Form Fields

We have all been through situations where we wanted to fill out an online form, but got scared or felt lazy because it asked for too many fields.

This is one way to lower your conversion rates.

Cut out all the unnecessary fields; leaving behind only those that are necessary and help you achieve your goal.

The company ran an A/B testing which aimed to look into how having different fields on a form impacted the number of signups collected via a sign-up form.

The company noticed that for each field that they removed, the sign-ups grew by 10%. Of course, you would not want to cut out the necessary fields. There’s a possibility you could get a high number of signups but not all the necessary information for follow-up if you cut out too many crucial fields.

This will eventually lead to a trashy closing rate. So, always aim for striking a balance between the two.

  1. Add Testimonials and Reviews

One of the best ways to prove your authenticity and that you’re worthy of doing business with, is by leaving customer reviews and testimonials on the website. This is a great way of easing new customers into buying your products/services. It gives them an assurance that they are not the first ones to be buying from you.

The company noticed that by placing quality reviews and customer testimonials on the front page, it boosted their conversion by up to 400%.

  1. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

As a business owner, you have to know and remember that consumers will always lean towards avoiding risks at all costs. They want assurance and peace of mind with every purchase. Especially with a product like a kratom (this is what the company sells) – customers can be even more skeptical of whether or not to buy it.

That’s why the site has its ‘100% money-back guarantee’ right on the front page. This is an excellent way to help customers move past their fears and objections and get them to at least try the product. This is a surefire ninja-technique of skyrocketing your conversion rates.

  1. Make the first few steps as easy as possible

Humans have this tendency of wanting to finish what they started. You can use such psychological facts to your advantage.

In the context of your offer, it’s good to keep the first few steps leading up to your offer super simple. Make sure they are easy to complete. Start by requesting an email address instead of forcing your customers to fill out a full-fledged inquiry form.

After you have gathered email addresses, you can ease their way into providing additional information that your business needs. Even if you can’t get hands-on other information, you always have their email which can be used in a lot of useful ways.

Having easy initial steps improves the odds of visitors wanting to take action and follow through.

  1. Try to Up Your CTA Game

Generic, boring-looking Call-to-Actions like ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ are not the best at improving the conversion rates.

Spend some time sprucing-up the CTAs. Words like ‘Yes’ have a positive psychological implication. Try to incorporate more of such positive and affirmative words in your CTAs.

Try something along the lines of :

“Yes, I want it” or ‘Yes, I want more health. Sign me up’.

In Conclusion

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. There’s practically an endless variety of ways in which you can improve your conversion rate. You just have to be creative and know where to put your energies and attention.

9 Tips To Design A Book Cover

In recent years, with the diffusion of the network, the publication of books has also changed: many novice writers decide to publish their book on the internet, more precisely in the form of an eBook. It expands then the independent production, which may also include the creation of their own cover.

This article is dedicated to all writers who do not have many notions in the field of graphics and communication. Since the saying, “do not judge a book by the cover” is not always valid, you will find below 9 valuable tips that will help you create your cover since it will have a very important role in promoting your book. With that said, let’s get started!

1. Choose the focal point of the cover

To be effective, your cover must focus on a single point in order to intrigue the people who look at it. This element must best represent the plot of your book and ensure that it is understood even before being read. Do not insert too many elements to try to make your cover more original, because you risk making it only more dispersive and unattractive.

2. Enter only the essentials

Each element that you are going to insert must have a specific meaning and purpose, so it is not wise to add too many just because they “go well together”, but it is good to correctly combine images or drawings with writings that go well with the plot of the book.

3. Create a background that you notice

In many cases the background is characterized by white spaces, the more it is noted for this peculiarity; while for books, the rule is not the same: since the cover space is limited, it must be used to the best to entice the reader to choose your book over another.

4. Give importance to the title

This advice is especially aimed at writers who want to share their books on the eBook market. In this case, due to the small format, even the most beautiful graphics in the world may not be noticed and enhanced. The best way to promote your book is to highlight it with a large, readable title.

5. Use a simple, easy-to-read font

When I speak of fonts to be used, I am referring to that of the pages that will contain your story, which is even more important than the cover. A wrong font could compromise the success of your book, so it is essential to understand which ones are the most suitable. Try to do some research; the important thing is that the font you want to use has the graces, useful for making reading lighter and not weighing down the view. For the title, however, you can indulge yourself with fonts that are more particular, the important thing is not to overdo it. The fonts you could use vary based on the topic of your book: League Gothic is perfect for thrillers and long titles,

6. Choose an image or design that intrigues you

Whatever you choose for your cover, it must have something to do with the history of your book and ensure that it is chosen from all the others displayed together with yours. Choose something that has 100% to do with the topics you deal with and exclude trivial or too vague images and illustrations.

7. Study a color palette

Creating a project by combining colors that perform well together can only enrich and make your cover pleasant to the eye and give it an edge. This trick applies to every graphic project because one of the first things you notice is color; a good site to help you in the color combinations is Color Calculator.

8. Dare

Don’t be trivial by copying covers with breathtaking landscapes or girls sitting on a bench while reading a book: be original. Think about every facet of your book and an image that can refer to it. Use original photos or images that you see little on bookshelves.

9. Be inspired by other projects

It is one thing to shamelessly copy, one thing is to be inspired by observing the works of the most famous graphic designers and take a cue for a particular combination of colors, or for an element used to refer to a specific concept. You can draw from the works of great graphic designers even for combinations of several completely different fonts.

Here are 9 useful tips for novice writers who want to create a cover yourself. All that remains is to try and try again until you get a convincing result. Good job!

Phenomenal Print Designs to Inspire your Projects

Coming up with ideas for new print design projects isn’t easy. There’s so many materials out there already which are being distributed on a daily basis, that your product really needs to stand out from the crowd in order to seek the attention you need, to get the results you want.

Marvellous Examples of Wonderful Print Design

Print design has started to have quite an influence on the web design industry. More websites are starting to use elements that we often see in quality print materials; a number of the examples in this post would look amazing as website designs too.

Increase your Brand Awareness through Print Marketing

If you own a business, or a blog, establishing yourself or your brand can be difficult. It’s not easy to make your name stand out among the hundreds, thousands or even millions of others websites offering similar content or services. But, in order to succeed that’s exactly what you need to do, you need to get yourself established and recognizable in your industry.

How to Promote Your Blog Using Print

Bloggers often face huge disappointment with the amount of traffic they receive to their blogs, and with a low budget to start out with, advertising and promotion can be very difficult. Especially when competing for ad space in the digital world with other companies who have countless amounts of cash to throw at advertising and marketing campaigns.

Great Examples of Print to Promote Your Blog

Blogging has become extremely popular in recent years, especially with the younger generation and those who work online. The chances are that if you work online then you probably either contribute to, or own your own blog. The number of blogs on the web is growing daily, and as a result of this, attracting visitors to your blog is getting harder – because there are so many other choices out there.

Why should I pay for premium fonts?

Get the most out of graphic design tools online

Tip # 1

Buy premium fonts, its worth it and it will show in your work. Fonts are some of the most important aspects of graphic design. Generally, the crux of the design rests on the words conveyed to the audience, and, if the words are written in ARIAL BOLD, you’re unlikely to interest that many people. Most graphic design ideas feature some kind of unique font in some way, which is why the practice of purchasing fonts has become so popular in recent years. But some folks might not see the point behind buying custom-made fonts. Below are a few graphic design tips that might change your mind.

Large format banner printing tips and ideas

We have seen it all at in here, the good, the bad and the plain ugly. So we feel pretty confident to offer tips / ideas in many of the product areas we produce. It also helps that a lot of our clients are pretty astute marketers, so we’re constantly sharing ideas and talking shop. Today we will discuss banner printing design tips.

Rack card printing tips

Why Rack card printing ?

Rack cards are most often seen in hotel lobbies and doctor’s offices, and there’s good reason for that. They can hold much more information than a standard postcard and they are often easily accessible. If you want to advertise your business or provide information to your current customers, then rack card printing might be your best option. As long as you place them in visible areas, most people are going to peruse what you have to offer. Beyond that, it’s important to think about rack card design to really make your rack cards shine. Below, you’ll find a few tips to help you on your way.

Print plastic cards for your loyal customers

Customer loyalty is one of the most important facets of running a business. If you don’t have loyal customers, then you will constantly be looking for new customers. One way to ensure customer loyalty is through the use of plastic card printing.

Why Stock Photography is Important for Your Design

When it comes to flyer design 101, there are a few things you need understand. One of the most important facets of designing a flyer is the image. The image is something that will catch the eye of the eye of your audience and compel them to read further. But, one of the most important graphic design tips you can take is that stock photography can be a highly useful tool. There are a number of reasons that stock photography is important, and we’ll outline them for you below.

Business brochure printing can boost prospects

Marketing is about reaching out to customers and meeting their expectations. This can be done in many ways. Business brochure printing is a good and widely used marketing strategy. Brochures can be handed over personally to customers, distributed through mail or through brochure racks at hotels, malls and tourist places. People expect to receive some form of written marketing material, a website is not enough. A brochure always adds a personal touch to the person reading it. It is a form of printed sales. An attractive brochure which is printed professionally can prove to be worth a lot more than its cost.

Playing with pencil shavings

Pencil Shavings are a Fun way to doodle and decorate during craft time! As you can see, using different colored pencils can give you a different border or edge on whatever your using your pencils shavings to decorate!

When decorating with kids, you can get inspirations from Pinterest and other fun resources online that will help mold exactly what you want todo with Your pencil Shavings!

Some Ideas for Using Pencil Shavings in your Art include:

  • Peacook
  • Dresses
  • Funny Haircuts
  • Rooster Tails
  • Flowers
  • Decorations
  • Animals & Fish
  • and many more!

Below you’ll find a great little collage we put together for some great Modern & Abstract Art ideas that you can create from Pencil Shavings!