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10 basic tips to know how to be a good graphic designer

Be a good graphic designer

10 basic tips to know how to be a good graphic designer

Many people are dedicating themselves to this trade, others are studying it, and others are thinking of doing it. To all those who are considering this arduous path, it will be explained how to become one of the guilds, as rewarding as this.

However, to become a true graphic designer, some requirements must be met. You have to have a vocation to be able to become a good designer. Otherwise, you will not be able to have the patience that is required. You need to have knowledge about the best-known and essential design programs for the realization of your projects. Or know about what works within your society, or study for it.

In this article, we are going to give you the basic tips or advice to know how to be a good graphic designer. Especially if you are a beginner in this world and do not know how to start. Or have considered a career in design.

One of the tips for graphic design is; do not to use Comic Sans font

Basic graphic designer tips

One of the tips for graphic design is; Do not use the Comic Sans font, because it is one of the most used fonts, to the point of being very chewed. What you want with a design is to stand out from the rest. So you have to look for new and original fonts and avoid this one as much as possible.

However, you should know that this typeface was originally created to indicate functions within computers. These fonts are better on screen than for print, so it is not recommended to use them in your project.

This does not have any characteristic that can be used to create typography, since it is not aligned in any case, and all the letters are different. In addition, it is a confusing source when trying to convey a message.

Using well-done illustrations is one of the graphic design tips

One of the graphic design tips is that you don’t use images if you don’t know how to draw them. A picture is worth a thousand words, and what it is trying to say is that if a picture is not drawn correctly, it can give another message to the audience. For example, if an image is well drawn, then it does not need to be accompanied by text.

If we don’t know how to draw something, then it can lead to even comical images and will cause the viewer to run away from the website. Keep this in mind.

One of the tips for proper graphic design is to know what software to use

The programs that are incorporated into the computer will help us to create posters, banners, advertising, etc., in a professional way. However, there are programs dedicated exclusively to making compositions and creating the correct work. Use these as tips for your graphic design.

The programs that you can use are; Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, Adobe Illustrator for creating vectors, and drawing illustrations, Quark Express for layout, and 3D Max to create 3D objects. These are paid programs, a bit high with the price.

However, there are other programs, free, downloadable from the Internet, that can save you from any trouble, because they are those that do more things than you imagine. These are; Grip for photo editing, Inkscape for vector graphics, Scribus for layout, and Blender for 3D modeling. They are not professionals, but the results will be better than using programs that are not indicated for these tasks.

Take a graphic design tip, learn from others

This does not mean copying, but rather taking an idea and bringing it to our field or design. In this case, the most important thing is that you pay more attention to the things that work. If we start to make a design without knowing those around us, or without understanding the message we want to convey, it is very likely that it will not work. Take this as a graphic design tip.

If we look at the things that work, to be able to have a clear idea of ​​what we must do to attract an audience. If we have to make a design on a specific topic, then go to pages that have the same category style, see what has worked, and transfer an idea to adapt it to yours.

One of the important graphic design tips is that you must convey a message

An important graphic design tip is that a beautiful design does not have to be good. It may be well drawn, or very pretty, but if it does not convey the desired message, then it will not fulfill the function that you want to assign to it. This refers to having everything in the design, previously framed, understandable at a glance, without the need to see it more than 1 time to be able to capture it.

By this we mean that you reduce the text if you need it, not loading the content image that will not serve you at that moment, such as colors. Make it as digestible as possible for your audience. You have to convey what you are going to address.

One of the tips for designers is to know that less is more

If you want tips for designers then we let you know. If we have a poster and we fill it with a lot of information. People will not know where to direct their eyes, what is the most important thing of all that they are going to see, or what it is for. This, however, can be done in a simpler way, in which you can put a contact address. And a telephone number and if they are interested in hiring their services. They will call and ask for the rest.

The other posters without spaces or margins are a total mess that ultimately amounts to nothing, and we don’t know what they do.

To understand how to be the best graphic designer, take an interest in what you do

If you are thinking about how to be the best graphic designer. Then you should know that it is not enough to just sit in front of a computer. Type a few keys and print a design, but rather carry out a study. Go out on the street, learn what it asks people, and see from this point how to start carrying out a project. It is very important to get as many people as possible. And the largest target audience we need for our campaign.

Being critical of yourself is one of the tips for designing

If you were looking for tips to design, then here we mention them all. Once you finish your work, then take a close look at it. If possible, take a walk, rest, and have a coffee. And look at it again, putting yourself in the situation of the people who are going to see your design. If you like it, go ahead, if not, then propose to yourself the necessary changes to improve it. Or what you would change, that “you would have done”, on your own design. Also, accept other people’s opinions.

Keep in mind that one of the design tips is to look for ideas and develop them

This is a point that is connected to the previous point and is an important design tip. It is very important to know the things that we have at our disposal and not try to achieve something that we cannot. We have our limitations that we must put into practice to start doing our work.

If you like design take graphic design classes for beginners

If you like the whole process of graphic design, then the best thing to do would be to take graphic design classes for it and put you to study. As mentioned in previous points, it is not enough to just sit in front of a computer and make a few clicks. You must understand that this is considered an extensive career and know the tricks. The ways how to make a composition need you to dedicate time to it since it is difficult to come up with a good idea and make it work.


With these tricks, you will be able to have things clearer and do them before proposing a project. Investigate what is best for the subject you have proposed. Generate ideas by seeing other works, and adapting them to your style. Above all, study for this, if what you want is to dedicate yourself totally. And understand that the career is arduous, but very satisfying when you learn all the concepts.

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