How to Optimize Your Custom Blue Canopy Tents to Drive Customer Engagement -
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How to Optimize Your Custom Blue Canopy Tents to Drive Customer Engagement

How to Optimize Your Custom Blue Canopy Tents to Drive Customer Engagement

Are brick-and-mortar stores dead? When we look at how the global retail industry is evolving, it’s not hard to make that conclusion. eCommerce is booming and in-store sales are declining. But, sales at physical stores are far from “dead.” In the post-pandemic world, many brick-and-mortar store owners are using cost-effective marketing tools to attract customers.

significant share of shoppers still wants to touch/feel products before obtaining them. That’s why store owners must optimize their marketing efforts and attract as many customers as possible. Custom-printed canopy tents have always been amazing marketing tools for small business owners.

These tents are super-popular in outdoor marketing events, trade shows, conferences, etc. But, now’s the time to use these custom-printed tents to drive customers inside brick-and-mortar stores. How can custom-printed tents attract the public’s attention? Here’s how canopy tents should be customized to increase in-store traffic –

Use Tents that Come with “Print-Friendly” Fabrics

Canopy tents are effective marketing tools only if they have stunning artwork printed on them. Artwork and designs that leave psychological imprints on onlookers are guaranteed to drive customer engagement. So, invest time in creating awe-inspiring custom designs for your tent. Here’s how to do it –

  • Make your store or brand’s logo the central design element on your canopy tent. By doing so, more customers will remember your brand/store’s logo.
  • Pick background colors that make your logos more conspicuous. The core design element of your custom canopy tent should stand out clearly. Use color combinations to achieve this effect.
  • Before using your canopy tents, make them pass the eye test. Place these tents at a distance of 10 to 12 feet. Are the design elements on your canopy tent visible from that distance? Is the logo on the tent visible from that distance? Unless your custom canopy tents don’t pass the eye test, people will not be able to recognize them easily.

Make sure to compliment the design elements on your custom tents with legible brand statements. These statements should communicate what your store does, what your brand is about, and other business-related details. Avoid the silly error of using copyrighted artwork on your custom tents. Always use unique artwork on your custom tents.

Print Your Custom Canopy Tents with the Latest Printing Technology

Nowadays, the quality of printers determines the quality of your custom canopy tents. Old, ink-based printers produce low-resolution artwork/images on custom tents. That’s why custom tent sellers who use dye-sublimation printing techniques are so popular. These sellers create full-color canopy tents.

The artwork and the colors on these tents are highly visible and resistant to fading. More importantly, they create positive first impressions on target customers passing by your store.

Print on All Sides of Your Custom Tent

Don’t leave any section of your custom blue canopy tent blank. Include the following business-related details on each region of your custom canopy tent –

  • Company website address
  • Store contact details
  • Social media account/s of the store
  • Tag lines that demonstrate what the store represents

Create custom tents that are impossible for target audiences to ignore by following these guidelines!

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