How painting can make you happier
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How painting can make you happier

How painting can make you happier

How painting can make you happier

Have you ever taken a moment to rejuvenate yourself, to explore what is around and inside you, or just take time to look at the things around you or even observe the movement of your emotions?

When you have gone through personal development work, then painting can provide you with an effective tool to fully develop yourself, and these moments of creative leisure could help you find inner peace and personal fulfillment.

We are in a time where everything moves very quickly, we are often put to the test, time flies very quickly, and in today’s life. You can be constantly called upon by a whole lot of distraction, you have to be here and there at the same time. And if you are overwhelmed by all these external elements, you can very quickly fall into burnout. This is when you will feel drained …

This is what I paint for. I paint, not to cut myself off from the world, but to find myself in the painting, and to be more aligned with who I am.

And I think the most important thing is to find this passion for doing things in an activity that can give me back this source of energy and refocus me towards this creative power.

Give meaning to your life

An artistic activity like painting can both develop your imagination and cultivate your ability to be centered on one thing.

The process of developing a canvas leads to the development of technical skills, and to self-realization.

  • Painting is both a tool of expression and a way to make connections with yourself and with others.

By practicing painting regularly, you will become aware of the movement of your thoughts and the creative activity will bring calm to your mind, because you will be devoting yourself to an activity that gives you satisfaction.

  • Take a moment of relaxation to devote yourself to creation. Whatever your level, it doesn’t matter.

If you are a beginner, start with simple things. And you can progress however you want, without necessarily competing against others.

Before painting, it is important to put yourself in optimal conditions and this goes through three small, simple steps.

1 – Choose a calm and comfortable environment

The most important thing is to be in a quiet place and if possible very well lit. The practice of painting is also an experience on yourself and what you are doing reflects very exactly your state of mind at the time you are there.

I advise you to put on music that inspires you the most and you can soak up the melody in order to give rhythm to your pictorial composition or put yourself in a dynamic atmosphere.

2 – Do some research on yourself, and observe what is around you

Observation time is important, I advise you to look at books with beautiful illustrations to find inspiring images as much as possible, you can just as easily leaf through artist books or travel magazines.

The important thing is to look for an image that will be able to arouse your curiosity and a desire to paint, it is often from this type of image that you will find your source of inspiration more easily.

3 – Before painting, do some exercises to warm-up

Painting one to two hours a day will allow you to let go and leave aside all your daily worries. It is time devoted only to you.

In order to fully focus your attention on the canvas, it is important to warm up.

At the start of the session (the first quarter of an hour), you will take a sheet or other medium to freely test each color and start painting, bring a few brushes, paint, and pencils, then start to draw what comes to your mind, if you are not comfortable you might as well experiment with color, this little daily exercise will allow you to explore your style and tastes.

Why practice painting at least one hour a day?

By painting every day, you will train regularly to progress step by step. During each session, you will be able to see your progress and take a liking to this daily moment that you devote to painting. The practice of this art will allow you to open up more easily to the world around you.

That’s how I started, exactly 17 years ago, painting at my own pace, and by dint of perseverance and passion, I made immense progress in drawing, in painting, but also in my personal journey.

For a long time, I needed this creative activity to flourish and be happier. Because I felt fully existing when I had a pencil in my hand and brushes.

The practice of painting carries in itself its own reward

As you practice daily art, you’re going to make progress, you’re going to want to accomplish even more. This is why it is a source of fulfillment and satisfaction.

The more you create and the more progress you will make, and the happier you will be with the results obtained, the more you will continue. As I enter this virtuous circle, I am convinced that the practice of painting can bring you many positive things in your life.

With practice and a burning desire to create something beautiful you are going to be able to be happy with your results, it can significantly increase your self-esteem and give you a lot more enthusiasm, having motivation. always greater in creating and always advancing further in the exploration of your talents.

Not everyone is good at everything, however, you are bound to be excellent at a particular creative field …

Some people will be more comfortable with drawing, others with color, and still others with sculpting and modeling.

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