Why should I pay for premium fonts?
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Why should I pay for premium fonts?

premium fonts

Why should I pay for premium fonts?

Get the most out of graphic design tools online

Tip # 1

Buy premium fonts, its worth it and it will show in your work. Fonts are some of the most important aspects of graphic design. Generally, the crux of the design rests on the words conveyed to the audience, and, if the words are written in ARIAL BOLD, you’re unlikely to interest that many people. Most graphic design ideas feature some kind of unique font in some way, which is why the practice of purchasing fonts has become so popular in recent years. But some folks might not see the point behind buying custom-made fonts. Below are a few graphic design tips that might change your mind.

Really understanding licensing of fonts

Licensing is one of the major reasons that people are willing to purchase fonts. Sure, there are free fonts available to most companies, but free fonts occasionally come with licensing conditions. For instance, if you purchase a free font and use it in your logo, you might think you can use that font ad infinitude. In some cases, you’re only granted a limited license to access and use that font, even if you technically still have it on your computer. Premium fonts, however, are licensed to you for however long you want to use them. So, you won’t have to worry about any unfortunate licensing lawsuits coming at you from typeface designers who gave away their font for free.

Quality is in the FONT

When it comes to design ideas, you always want the best in quality. Fonts that have blurred edges or lines out of place are generally free and it can be occasionally hard to see those imperfections at first. Premium fonts, on the other hand, tend to have crisp edges and lines with a full complement of letters, numbers, and symbols at your disposal. Indeed, some free fonts don’t have all of the characters that you might need, making them virtually obsolete. Design ideas come and go, but if you don’t have a quality font that has no graphical errors to speak of, then you may end up with an inferior product.

Industry direction, marketing trends – Originality

Look around what is the industry using? Are you keeping up with your competitors? Graphic design is about staying with the times. Your fonts believe or not can make your hard work look unique or dated. Do your due diligence and stay informed with the direction of your industry. Of all the graphic design tips in the world, maintaining originality might be the most important. If you’re using basic free fonts like Helvetica or Comic Sans, your design is automatically going to be unoriginal. A unique font that you purchase helps you stand out from the crowd. You also likely won’t have dozens of other companies or organizations using the same exact font as you for their own logos. You’ll have something that’s truly unique to your brand which is vital when you consider marketing strategies.

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