What is Joker Tattoo?
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What is Joker Tattoo?

Joker Tattoo

What is Joker Tattoo?

Joker, is Batman’s enemy par excellence, a criminal, one of the most dangerous in Gotham City. A weird character, a professional killer with a total lack of control. And sanity who enjoys killing innocent people for the fun of it. In the cinema, he was represented by great actors: from Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger, who played in the film The Dark Knight. Who died prematurely and became a legend. The figure of the Joker has had a very wide diffusion and always growing in recent years, in Tattoo Art, due to various factors of different natures.


Tattoos that portray the Joker embody some specific characteristics including:

Psychopathy: which he exercises and in which he is framed from time to time in his criminal activities.

Clumsiness: with respect to how crime moves and pursues

Eccentricity: both in terms of how it looks and in terms of the places it frequents

Those who decide to have the Joker tattooed on their body want to express: madness, eccentricity, and extravagance, the characteristics that represent this character. The character aspects are also reflected on his external mask and make the Joker a very fascinating subject so much so that even in the relative tattoo this charm remains unchanged. The unconventional lifestyle and his innate flashiness have made the Joker a character that lends itself very well to being the protagonist of innovation. And particular tattoo art, with a sure visual impact for the observer. The best way to represent a pinch of madness.

Those who choose this tattoo want to convey a strong propensity to live life without rules. Or schemes of any kind, people who face situations with extreme spontaneity and in a completely instinctive way.

What prompts many to choose the Joker as a tattoo is not so much the character’s criminal being as his incredible and fascinating madness.


Whiteface, green hair, eyes marked in black, red paint on the lips. Which marks his disturbing smile that almost extends from ear to ear. He is a character with detailed colors that distinguish him and is usually represented in tattoos while maintaining the original figure. There are those who prefer to represent only the face, marking its typically sadistic expressions.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer, the full figure with all the purple-toned dresses. To reproduce as faithfully as possible the physical characteristics that the character possesses.

Most of the tattoos are in color, all represented with very vivid and bright chrome. Many choose to depict him only in black ink, going outside the box. Making the Joker different from the usual representations.

Together with the Joker, short writings such as Smile now, Laugh now or Why so serious?


The Joker in addition to the intrinsic meaning that contains most of the tattoos can also be the protagonist of tattoos with a love background.  Tattooed together with his companion Harley Quinn.

Harley was a psychologist in a criminal asylum in Gotham. And had no greater desire than to write a book about the evil Joker. She was seduced and fell in love with him, to the point that she helped him escape from the asylum. The story between Harley Quinn and the Joker is really full of “push and pull”: Harley despite being treated badly, kicked out or threatened, for the emotional changes of the Joker, always returns to his side as a shoulder in various illicit and attempts to kill Batman.

The portraits of the companion of the Joker are always represented, both stylized and not, with the trio of rhombuses, red and black, like her costume, or entirely red, or shaded.

This couple tattoo contains for the lovers who choose it. The testimony of a crazy passion, a burning love, a dedication for their partner, sometimes disarming and incomprehensible.

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