Marvellous Examples of Wonderful Print Design
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Marvellous Examples of Wonderful Print Design

Wonderful Print Design

Marvellous Examples of Wonderful Print Design

Print design has started to have quite an influence on the web design industry. More websites are starting to use elements that we often see in quality print materials; a number of the examples in this post would look amazing as website designs too.

Print design is often used with the same goals in mind as a website; you want to advertise your product, service, or event and attract new visitors and potential customers, so we see a lot of similar design techniques in both types of design. Printed design and website design need to embrace a lot of the same elements in order to make a successful design. Good use of colour, contrast, space and typography come in to play in both digital and printed forms of design. It can be hard to come up with new, interesting and fresh designs, and there are so many companies who fail miserably when it comes to producing their printed materials. But, there are others who are doing it exceptionally well, and those are the ones I’ve picked out and listed for you below.

As you browse through these examples, take note of which colours work well together, and how the designer has made great use of space, images, contrast, typography and colour in each of the designs. If you can incorporate these elements into your own designs, then you should be on the right path to producing some wonderful print designs of your own.

In this post I’ve given you mostly examples of flyers and brochures, but the realms of printed materials go far beyond this. You can design and print bookmarks, as well as a range of other materials including postcards, flyers, business cards and brochures. They provide a very cost-effective way to get high quality prints which are quality checked by checked and delivered the very next day. I’ve used them on a number of occasions where I needed business cards in a hurry and have always been overwhelmed with the results.

I hope you’ve found the inspiration in this thread useful, and I wish you good luck with your design project – whatever it is you are designing!

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