Large format banner printing tips and ideas
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Large format banner printing tips and ideas

banner printing tips and ideas

Large format banner printing tips and ideas

We have seen it all at in here, the good, the bad and the plain ugly. So we feel pretty confident to offer tips / ideas in many of the product areas we produce. It also helps that a lot of our clients are pretty astute marketers, so we’re constantly sharing ideas and talking shop. Today we will discuss banner printing design tips.

Your message has to be big too

You’re printing a banner? Well you need a big message.

“SALE, Buy One Get One, 20% off, CLEARANCE” You need substance to attract attention and stand out. Make your message as big as your sign.

Location, location, location

Find areas of heavy foot and/or automobile traffic. Sometimes the prettiest place isn’t the best location for your banner print. Marketing is a numbers game, do your homework and find places where people will see your message.

Anyone want a wrap?

Wall and window wraps are very effective and popular. They’re stickers made to affix to a window or wall similar to the wraps used for advertising on cars/trucks. About three months ago we installed a wall wrap on the beach of a giant ice cream cone, for a deli. It was genius; at one point in the summer the deli was selling more ice cream than sandwiches.

Floor Space

Ever heard of floor decals? You can use them in your store or outside on the sidewalk. Print a red carpet leading to your door. Print a yellow brick road to your front door. Footprints, animals tracks use your imagination. Get people’s curiosity going and they will respond. When it comes to large format printing there are many options.

Make friends, use your friends

Find a neighbor in a strategic spot, someplace where your signs aren’t visible. Talk to your neighbor and trade signs. Usually other businesses around you are looking for the same things “customers”. Why not trade signs. Sometimes the most obvious of things are not so obvious. You’ll be surprised how many people will be interested. The only catch is, limit your trades. Trade one sign don’t let it get out of hand.

Well hope this created some ideas, remember we are here to help you succeed in your marketing efforts. Call us if you need help with any large format banner printing.

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