Increase your Brand Awareness through Print Marketing
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Increase your Brand Awareness through Print Marketing

Increase your Brand Awareness through Print Marketing

If you own a business, or a blog, establishing yourself or your brand can be difficult. It’s not easy to make your name stand out among the hundreds, thousands or even millions of others websites offering similar content or services. But, in order to succeed that’s exactly what you need to do, you need to get yourself established and recognizable in your industry.

You can do this via a number of methods, but one way which works particularly well to increase your brands exposure, and therefor gain more awareness of your brand, is through print marketing. If you own a business, then you probably already send out a lot of correspondence which could be re-designed to help increase your brand awareness. For example, if you mail out invoices regularly, then you could not only put your logo and brand colours, slogan etc on the invoice and contents of the envelope, but also on the envelope itself – gaining extra exposure for your brand.

There are lots of ways you can incorporate your branding (logo, slogan, colours etc) into your business stationary and other materials to help gain even more exposure. I’ve rounded up some examples of awesome print materials which do a very good job at portraying the brands image and helping to establish them as a recognizable brand in their industry.

Browse through the collection below and take notes of exactly what elements of each design grab your attention, and then try to incorporate some of those into your own materials, if you can do that then you should be on target to produce some great materials of your own.

Hopefully that’s given you some good ideas to help you design some materials for your own business or blog that could help you to increase your own brand awareness.

If you do decide that having some custom stationary printed could help your brand, then there is many great website where you can easily design and print your own materials. They offer a very quick turnaround time on orders – with next day and same day options available in most cases, and more importantly, they offer a by hand quality check on each order to ensure the prints you get are nothing less than you expect! I’ve been let down by one company in the past who clearly ship their materials out without quality checking first as the margins were entirely off the mark – that’s something you can avoid with great service provider.

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