How to Promote Your Blog Using Print
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How to Promote Your Blog Using Print

How to Promote

How to Promote Your Blog Using Print

Bloggers often face huge disappointment with the amount of traffic they receive to their blogs, and with a low budget to start out with, advertising and promotion can be very difficult. Especially when competing for ad space in the digital world with other companies who have countless amounts of cash to throw at advertising and marketing campaigns.

However, there is one particular area of marketing which seems to be almost forgotten about by the bloggers of the world, and that’s print marketing! Printed marketing materials can be extremely effective in advertising not only products and services, but also blogs!

Flyers, business cards and brochures can all be just as effective for personal and business blogs, as they can be for products, services and organizations. The great thing about printed marketing is that it’s much cheaper than the digital alternatives which are more increasingly popular today.

I’ve rounded up a few great examples of creative print marketing which has been designed in order to advertise someone’s personal blog. Hopefully these should get you thinking outside of the box and able to design some of your own awesome marketing materials to help your blog gain the exposure it deserves.

That should have given you plenty of ideas and inspiration to get designing your own marketing materials to use to promote your blog. Don’t forget about technology like the QR Codes, by adding a QR code to your printed materials, you can make it even easier for people to access your website by storing it in the QR code. Then, anyone who had your card or other material simply needs to scan the QR code with their smartphone or tablet and it will automatically open up your website or blog on their smartphone! This is definitely something that you should try to include in your design, especially if you’re advertising an online product, service or website.

At some point you are going to be finished with the design aspect of your materials and you’re going to want to have them printed so you can start putting them to use. When it comes to this time, I recommend using Flyers – they are one of the biggest printing companies around, and I’ve used them many times without ever having a problem or a failed print. The prints always come out looking nothing less than perfect, and always delivered the very next day. If you don’t have your own printing company in mind already, then you should definitely give these guys a go!

Good luck with your blog and with your promotion attempts, if you follow the pointers laid out in this post, and take hints from the samples displayed above, then you should be able to produce your own very effective printed promotion materials for your blog.

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