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How to make a puppet with socks?

puppet with socks

How to make a puppet with socks?

There are some classic homemade toys that survive the passing of time and generations; the Puppet Sock They’re one of them! Who as a child has not ever played with these homemade puppets? I do not know about you, but I am very excited to repeat with my daughter the games that I played as a child, so today we bring you crafts for children: puppets with socks that you can make together with the little ones and have fun with them remembering the old days.

How to make a puppet with socks?

As we told you, we love children’s crafts that can be made with recycled materials, and these puppets with socks are just one of them: in addition to the sock, you can use all the scraps, buttons, pieces of cardboard, etc. that you have at home. Do you want to see them?

Stuffed puppets with socks

To begin with, you can try these puppets made with socks that we showed you a while ago. Simple and quick to make, you only need a few pieces of felt for the ears and buttons for the eyes. Of course, later, we can enrich our puppet with many accessories.

Giraffe plush with socks

The next step is to improve our sock puppet with decorations and accessories. This giraffe puppet is made in the same way as the previous ones, but adding the ears and horns made with pipe cleaners, the result is completely different. You can see the complete tutorial in the link below the image.

Puppet with socks

If you dare, you can move on to the more complex puppets. In this case, to make the mouth, you have to cut the tip of the sock and add a piece of cardboard. You can create many different characters by adding accessories. For example, with a hat, glasses, and a little guitar, they have created a Muppet-style singer.

Plush doll made with socks

Making the mouth the same way as the previous puppet, we can create cute and colorful monster puppets like this one. Adding some pompoms and using felt scraps, the only limit will be the imagination of the little ones.

Are sock puppets illegal?

Making puppets with socks is very simple and fun. It is legal. You will have some very nice DIY puppets to play with within a few steps and invent new stories with your children. The fun never ends!

Another way to build a puppet with socks

First, cut out a fairly thick oval-shaped piece of cardboard, almost as big as the tip of your stocking. Fold the cardboard in half and, with the help of hot glue, fix it on the tip of the sock.

Now, again with hot glue, you will have to turn your sock over the edge of the cardboard. Fold the cardboard inside the sock and the mouth is done.

Now you just have to let your imagination run wild and customize your puppet! Search in the drawers and recover laces, ribbons, wool, cotton balls, mismatched buttons… everything can be useful to create new puppets!

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