Four essential graphic design tips for startups
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Four essential graphic design tips for startups

Graphic design tips for startups

Four essential graphic design tips for startups

Choosing a good name is essential in the early stages of your project. But there are other aspects that you should also consider when creating the brand of your startup, and today we focus on graphic design tips.

Graphic design does not mean simply making something “beautiful” and that’s it.

Design involves the combination of form and function.

Great design connects your eye and your brain in a flowing and meaningful way. Surely you have noticed at some point: when you see a cool design aligned with the values ​​​​of a brand, it will attract your attention, even if you do not know very well what makes it stand out, or why you have noticed it.

That magic is made by the design. Today we have consulted Jorge García-Riego, CEO of VXLab branding & design direction, and he has given us a few basic tips so that you are at least aware of what you need in terms of graphic design when you start with your startup:

Typography is the Queen

Essential graphic design tips

A good choice of fonts is 80% of the success of branding design. There are plenty of options with free or paid licenses. But in any case, make sure you choose well.

Look for a font with character to design your logo, and use a different secondary to write texts. It is very important that the latter is easily readable and also has a varied family (at least three weights, bold, light… ) to be able to adapt the text to different situations.

Top tip: Make sure your chosen font is included in Google fonts to avoid compatibility issues when using it on digital media. This is also a good place to browse options and preview how to compose what you want to write.

Don’t Be Afraid of White Space

A classic designer mistake is to fill all available space with stuff so it doesn’t look empty. Mistake!

Here is the magic that makes good designers: you have to know how to compose correctly. Not too big, that suffocates the space.  Not too small, that it cannot be read. Also:

  • Be careful with the hierarchy between contents: it ensures that what you have to read first is read first.
  • Have enough elements to give personality and prominence to the theme.
  • Don’t overdo it, when you start it’s sometimes hard to

And if you don’t know what the midpoint is in all this, go for the minimalist design, it is the style that best hides bad designers.

Show Your Personality

Isn’t it annoying to run into someone on the street who has the same hat as you? It makes us feel inauthentic.

Do not be afraid to show what your style is, but with control, because depending on what you are “selling” you may need to transmit other more important values.

If yours are financial products, for example, avoid being too extravagant, you have to transmit reliability.

If, on the other hand, yours are tailor-made trips, you have to transmit experience and creativity, and having a more exotic image will work.

Hire A Specialist

The most basic advice we can give is this: hire someone who knows how to do branding design work.  Just as it would not occur to us to set up a   plumbing installation at home based on tips, neither can a brand strategy be built and designed based on tutorials.

If you don’t know how to play smoothly with balance, composition, scale, contrast, patterns, or emphasis… you’ll need help.

There are professionals for all budgets. Make sure that the person or firm you choose understands what your expectations, values, public, and objectives are, and very importantly, that they have previous experiences that they can demonstrate in their portfolio.

Behance is a great option to search for professionals in every field you need to cover.


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