Business brochure printing can boost prospects
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Business brochure printing can boost prospects

Business brochure printing

Business brochure printing can boost prospects

Marketing is about reaching out to customers and meeting their expectations. This can be done in many ways. Business brochure printing is a good and widely used marketing strategy. Brochures can be handed over personally to customers, distributed through mail or through brochure racks at hotels, malls and tourist places. People expect to receive some form of written marketing material, a website is not enough. A brochure always adds a personal touch to the person reading it. It is a form of printed sales. An attractive brochure which is printed professionally can prove to be worth a lot more than its cost.

Essentials of an effective business brochure

An effectively created brochure can help in making a positive impact on customers and prospects. A few ways to create a brochure effectively are:

Know the print size – It is very important to decide the print size before creating a brochure.
A brochure created without deciding the print size in advance, would have to be expanded or shrinked while printing. This will compromise on the resolution, which will affect the quality of the brochure.

• Paper Selection – Most brochure printing services use either a 100lb or 80lb stock paper. This selection depends on personal choice. However, the combination of quality of paper, colors used and varnish together could make a difference. A heavier paper material can help in making the brochure look professional and could attract a potential customer. It is a better option to use varnish if dark colors are used in the brochure.

• Keep print bleed in mind – Brochures are generally printed in sheets together and then cut into individual units. A blade is used to cut the sheets and fluctuations may occur while cutting hundreds of sheets. It is a good practice to keep 1/8th inch extra coverage beyond each border.

• High resolution – Brochures printing high-resolution images always have an added advantage. It gives the brochure a more professional and well-designed look. Ideally, an image with at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) would print with good sharpness.

Make your business brochure appealing

It is equally important to make a brochure appealing as it is to make it effective. An attractive brochure will make customers want to keep it and read it completely. It even helps in marketing. Here are a few tips to make an attractive brochure:

• Target your information – It is very important to know what the reader would want to know. This helps you to put information in a logical flow based on the reader’s point of view.
Basic information about a product or company should be written in the beginning. It could be followed by the features of the product or the services provided by the company. One way of doing this is writing down various questions a potential customer would have about the company or product. This helps in printing information in the right order. Keep watching no game no life season 2

• Be creative – The first thing a customer sees on a brochure is its front page. Make the front page appealing. This will make your brochure stand out and more likely to be picked up by potential customers. Select interesting fonts and images which will make it look attractive and professional. Custom printing for brochures is always available with most companies, if you don’t ask you won’t know if they can create it.

• Select a good shape and size– A brochure doesn’t always have to be an 8.5 x 11 tri-fold. It can be made in any shape which relates to the product or the company. It could be in the shape of any sport item or any luxury item depending on the product, which needs to be marketed. This makes the brochure look different from the others and definitely will make it stand out.

Brochure printing is used as a marketing strategy by many companies for their products and services. Creating effective and attractive brochures will surely help in reaching out to a large number of customers, eventually leading to greater sales.

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