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A Kratom Brand’s Guide to Improving Conversion Rate

Kratom Brands Guide

A Kratom Brand’s Guide to Improving Conversion Rate

Today we bring to you 6 super-easy steps to doubling and even tripling your conversion rate. These tips are brought by kratom crazy red hulu kapuas, an online kratom store. The company started as a small business a couple of years ago.

But, with careful analysis, planning, and by implementing the right techniques, it was able to skyrocket their conversion rates and finally sales.

This post is basically an insight into the company’s campaigning and how they were able to increase conversion so you can put some of those tips to use.

Here they are –

  1. Remove Distractions

One of the worst things a website can do to the visitors is – have too many directions to go in or things to focus on. This is the easiest way to drive visitors away. Ensure that your landing page is easy to navigate, clear, and intuitive. It should lead to effortless browsing through pages. If you can do without something, skip it.

Only have information that your customers/users need to know or is essential for the business. Everything else, you can do without.

Include the following template if you’re unsure –

  • Product Info
  • Benefits and features
  • Headline and Subheadings
  • Visuals with context to show what you’re offering

Other things like a live chat box, videos, and social proof are something to think about.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Form Fields

We have all been through situations where we wanted to fill out an online form, but got scared or felt lazy because it asked for too many fields.

This is one way to lower your conversion rates.

Cut out all the unnecessary fields; leaving behind only those that are necessary and help you achieve your goal.

The company ran an A/B testing which aimed to look into how having different fields on a form impacted the number of signups collected via a sign-up form.

The company noticed that for each field that they removed, the sign-ups grew by 10%. Of course, you would not want to cut out the necessary fields. There’s a possibility you could get a high number of signups but not all the necessary information for follow-up if you cut out too many crucial fields.

This will eventually lead to a trashy closing rate. So, always aim for striking a balance between the two.

  1. Add Testimonials and Reviews

One of the best ways to prove your authenticity and that you’re worthy of doing business with, is by leaving customer reviews and testimonials on the website. This is a great way of easing new customers into buying your products/services. It gives them an assurance that they are not the first ones to be buying from you.

The company noticed that by placing quality reviews and customer testimonials on the front page, it boosted their conversion by up to 400%.

  1. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

As a business owner, you have to know and remember that consumers will always lean towards avoiding risks at all costs. They want assurance and peace of mind with every purchase. Especially with a product like a kratom (this is what the company sells) – customers can be even more skeptical of whether or not to buy it.

That’s why the site has its ‘100% money-back guarantee’ right on the front page. This is an excellent way to help customers move past their fears and objections and get them to at least try the product. This is a surefire ninja-technique of skyrocketing your conversion rates.

  1. Make the first few steps as easy as possible

Humans have this tendency of wanting to finish what they started. You can use such psychological facts to your advantage.

In the context of your offer, it’s good to keep the first few steps leading up to your offer super simple. Make sure they are easy to complete. Start by requesting an email address instead of forcing your customers to fill out a full-fledged inquiry form.

After you have gathered email addresses, you can ease their way into providing additional information that your business needs. Even if you can’t get hands-on other information, you always have their email which can be used in a lot of useful ways.

Having easy initial steps improves the odds of visitors wanting to take action and follow through.

  1. Try to Up Your CTA Game

Generic, boring-looking Call-to-Actions like ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ are not the best at improving the conversion rates.

Spend some time sprucing-up the CTAs. Words like ‘Yes’ have a positive psychological implication. Try to incorporate more of such positive and affirmative words in your CTAs.

Try something along the lines of :

“Yes, I want it” or ‘Yes, I want more health. Sign me up’.

In Conclusion

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. There’s practically an endless variety of ways in which you can improve your conversion rate. You just have to be creative and know where to put your energies and attention.

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