5 tips for designing a brochure that stands out from the crowd
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5 tips for designing a brochure that stands out from the crowd

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5 tips for designing a brochure that stands out from the crowd

The design of a brochure is part of one of the strategies of every small company or that has just started since its versatility makes this medium a cheap, wide-ranging choice and with a wide range of formats that allow you the bottom line of the company. But, so that this work is not in vain, here are five tips to make it stand out.

It is not enough to download a redesigned format from the internet, a good brochure requires a good plan and to follow certain design guidelines.

Here are five tips to execute a good brochure :

01. Design a strategic plan

How will the brochure be used and to what audience will it be addressed? It is important to define if you will only promote an event, a party, or a specific product. It is also necessary to define the shipping and delivery method. Define the audience that will see it, select the total information, the general design, the font, and the measurements from the beginning. You have to appeal to a specific wish.

02. The format calls

Before going to print, consider size, folds, and final texture finish. The format must be appropriate for what you want to communicate, but if the brochure is large, it will surely stand out, but at the same time, it takes away practicality as it is not digital. Limit the number of colors to three or four, no more.

03. Select a rare material

It is recommended that the paper be thick to avoid wrinkles from the beginning, in addition to offering quality and professionalism to companies. You always have to add color, a semi-matte finish to avoid falling into the saturated and stunning.

04. Content is king

Before thinking about colors and size, always have the information that will go inside the brochure ready, since having a design without the information, the work could be in vain. If photos are to be posted, you also have to have them in advance. The content should be clear and easy to read, with short and concise sentences. The title should sell something and motivate you to want to know more.

05. Always place images and not just text

You must use images of products and services in use, in a 300 dpi format to achieve a sharp print. The most important thing is to keep the design simple. Too many graphs, charts, or drawings and too much information will make the brochure look cluttered and hide the message.

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